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Arts and Crafts Style House Portrait

House Portrait Painting of an Arts and Crafts Style Home
Rosemont Neighborhood, Alexandria, Virginia

Living in the Arts and Crafts Style

In the spirit of the American Craftsman style, this website focuses on the virtues of the Arts and Crafts Movement and the application of those philosophical and practical principles to our present day lives.

I am a craftsman at heart with many years of building experience and my wife is a professional artist specializing in house portraits of Craftsman style homes and bungalow style homes such as the one pictured above.

We created this site because we have a strong affinity for the Craftsman lifestyle. We believe in honesty, simplicity, utility, harmony with nature, beauty, artistry and high-quality craftsmanship. We believe in our community and in our neighbors and friends. We believe in living a lifestyle that benefits home, family and the environment.

We think that you also believe in these Arts and Crafts Movement virtues. How can you go wrong if you weave these attributes into your home and life?

Please be patient and excuse our "construction dust" while we build out an incredible website. We want to provide you with an online "front porch" community where you can find and exchange information, design ideas and other resources in the Arts and Crafts Style.

Arts and Crafts Style Front Porch

Arts and Crafts Style Front Porch

The Craftsman Lifestyle

A craftsman lifestyle can be created in craftsman homes, bungalow homes, historic homes and many other types of homes that accommodate Arts and Crafts living, such as log cabins, tudors, cottages and small houses.

This website is for YOU, the homeowners and home-owners-to-be of Arts and Crafts homes. Content will include a brief history of the Arts and Crafts Movement, the Craftsman Style, Craftsman homes, American bungalow homes, mission style furniture, design, colors, furniture, lighting, tiles, pottery, rugs, wallpaper, stained glass, art glass, decorative stencils and much more.

The Arts and Crafts color wheel and paint colors will be covered with ideas on bathroom colors, kitchen colors, choosing color combinations, interior paint colors, exterior paint colors, house paint colors, primary colors and mixing colors.

In the future we will add web pages on Craftsman and bungalow house plans, log cabin plans, log cabin kits, cottage plans, small house plans and historic homes.

We will also add pages of helpful information and resources on home renovations including kitchens ideas and bathroom ideas.

Arts and Crafts Style Kitchen

Arts and Crafts Style Kitchen

The Arts and Crafts Movement

Finally, this website would not be complete without acknowledging the great artists, artisans, architects and designers who created and nurtured the Arts and Crafts Movement - John Ruskin, William Morris, Walter Crane, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Charles Voysey, Gustav Stickley, Elbert Hubbard, Charles Limbert, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Greene and others. So you will find them here, too.

We look forward to many visits from you. If you would like to share information or would like us to add something that you need, contact us and let us know.

Cheers for now and happy crafting to you all,

Bruce and Leisa

p.s. - In case you were wondering, I'm the craftsman, she's the artist.