American Craftsman Style Defined

Craftsman Style

If you are reading this web page you most likely own or live in one of a wide variety of Craftsman homes that exist in the United States today. Possibly a Craftsman bungalow built between 1900 and 1930. Maybe a much scarcer Craftsman farmhouse in a quiet, rural setting. Perhaps a newer suburban home built from modern … Read more

Gustav Stickley

Gustav Stickley

Gustav Stickley, eldest of 11 siblings, was born on March 9, 1858. By the age of 12 he had been a stonemason apprentice and an employee at the Brandt Chair Company, his uncle’s furniture factory. He later opened up a furniture store with four of his brothers in Binghamton, New York, and in 1893 he … Read more

William Morris and the arts and Crafts Movement

William Morris

William Morris was the father of the Arts and Crafts Movement. I have often seen that statement in print. Have you? Is it true? What was his importance to the movement? Let’s have a look. Artist, Architect, Designer, Socialist The roots of the English Arts and Crafts Movement are grounded in the medieval styles and values … Read more

John Ruskin and the Arts and Crafts Movement

John Ruskin

John Ruskin was not a central participant in the Arts and Crafts Movement, English or American, but was an inspirational harbinger of its coming and a major influence on its proponents. For example, William Morris, often called the father of the Arts and Crafts Movement, admired Ruskin and was strongly influenced by his writings and social commentaries. … Read more

Stickley Furniture

Although the most celebrated Stickley furniture pieces are those designed and made by Gustav Stickley, there is more to the subject simply because Gustav was born into a family of furniture makers. Four of his brothers were well-known for furniture crafting and multiple businesses were formed by various combinations of the brothers in the late … Read more

What is Mission Style?

What is Mission Style

What is Mission style? The term is often used loosely and interchangeably with the terms Craftsman style and with Arts and Crafts Style. Are we talking about homes? furniture? or decorating? It can get confusing when referring to the same subject matter. The truth is that each of these conveys a distinct and unique meaning. So what do we mean … Read more

Mission Style Homes

Mission Style Homes

Mission style homes are often lumped into the category of Arts and Crafts style houses, but they have a distinctive Spanish flair that sets them apart from Craftsman and bungalow homes. These houses tend to have a grand, stately appearance with large scale decorative features that push them toward the more expensive end of the housing market. You would … Read more

Front Porch Design for Bungalows and Craftsman Homes

Front Porch Design

Craftsman and bungalow homes have notably distinctive front porch design features and no Craftsman style home design would be complete without addressing front porch design details. I’ll cover some of those details in this article. The iconic American front porch was highly influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement that began in the late 19th … Read more

Elbert Hubbard and the Arts and Crafts Movement

Elbert Hubbard

Who was Elbert Hubbard and what impact did he have on the Arts and Crafts Movement in the United States? Was his fame and notoriety duemore to his popular best-selling pamphlet, A Message to Garcia, or his flamboyant personality and often controversial ideas? His writings andlectures were wildly popular in his own lifetime and even … Read more

Craftsman Style Furniture

Craftsman Style Furniture

Craftsman style furniture, loosely speaking, is any furniture based on the designs and original pieces of Gustav Stickley produced between 1900 and 1916. More strictly speaking, Craftsman furniture is any furniture actually made by Gustav Stickley and his employees, or authentic reproductions of his designs. Craftsman is actually the trade name that Stickley chose for his line … Read more