Arts and Crafts Homes

In a historic sense, homes that were built in the Craftsman style during the Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s are Arts and Crafts homes. That is a sound historical definition.

Two examples which can be found abundantly anywhere in America are Craftsman style homes and bungalow style homes, both of which flourished in part because they were affordable to middle class Americans. Combine those two and you have an American classic – the Craftsman bungalow.

What about other styles of Arts and Crafts homes such as cabins, cottages, Tudors, lake and beach houses, and so on? How do we define and talk about the essence of these?

Set aside architecture and design elements and the common denominators remaining in the various styles of Arts and Crafts homes are the artistic people and handcrafted lifestyles that bring them to life. Living is an art and that fact is the tangible essence of an Arts and Crafts style home.

If an Arts and Crafts house could speak it would say, “I have been created by heart and mind and hands. I am beautiful. I am useful. I am home, comfort and shelter. Welcome!”

Design Components of Arts and Crafts Homes

Whether you are buying, remodeling, decorating or simply trying to put some life back into your old home, there are specific Arts and Crafts design and decorative arts elements that, if attended to, will put you on the right path to achieving the Arts and Crafts style look that you desire.

The list includes major components such as furniture and lighting, optional items such as wallpaper and stenciling, and classic Craftsman elements such as stained glass, fireplaces and tile.

  • Arts and Crafts furniture
  • Arts and Crafts lighting, light fixtures and lamps
  • Arts and Crafts stained glass
  • Arts and Crafts fireplace
  • Arts and Crafts tile and pottery
  • Arts and Crafts wallpaper and stencils
  • Arts and Crafts rugs
  • Arts and Crafts fabric and textiles
  • Arts and Crafts clocks
  • Arts and Crafts doors
  • Arts and Crafts garden

If you have a set vision for your home, good for you. If you don’t, take the time to identify and name what it is you want. Once you have your goals for your home in mind, good luck to you and have fun with the joy of creating them.

Head, Heart, Hand

As components of Arts and Crafts design, all of the household objects listed above have one thing in common. They are all hand crafted with head, heart and hand craftsmanship.

Designed, created and assembled with the intent for them to be aesthetic and functional, these objects make the home warm, comfortable, beautiful. They make it feel like home. And that is what makes an Arts and Crafts house a home.